Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Girls, shed and new Libby

Baby Kitty, Auntie Philly, Nana, Lou and my shed. on Twitpic

Spontaneous snap of us in the garden taken by son-in-law on his Blackberry. Show off. Ghastly of me, as usual, but the girls look pretty. My shed/summerhouse is behind us where I sleep - sorry, work - occasionally in the afternoons, and where yesterday I began research for a new Libby book, suggested by Lou on Monday while we watched May Day celebrations (a lot of people stamping and waving sticks and hankies) in Whitstable. Will now offer it with great trepidation to Accent Press and hope they want me to go ahead. Please all email them and say how much you want a 6th in the series! Not if you hate them, of course.

Oh, and congratulations to Christina's TBT on passing his CBC. Hooray!

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Leigh Russell said...

I'll email at once, Lesley. Another writer in a shed. Sounds wonderful. And the photo is lovely of all of you.