Monday, June 29, 2009

Murder in the Green

Catching up to say that Murder in the Green has to be delivered by mid September when I go to Turkey for the annual jolly. It's going like treacle despite all that research I did previously, but hey-ho. Sure I'll make it.

Since last post I've been to Majorca to my oldest friend's villa. Unfortunately, I can't walk that far these days and there was no shade in her garden, so not unalloyed joy. Very nice, though, although home-in-the-sun owning seems to be a lot of hard work.

Other work related news: fellow crime writer Linda Regan and I are now calling ourselves Bad Babes. Not my idea, obviously! Went to her recent book launch in London and everyone there loved the name, including Simon Brett, whom I thought would have Known Better! Anyway, we have our inaugural outing in August at a branch of Waterstones, hopefully. I also have a signing/event at the Oxfam bookshop in Canterbury on July 19th with another crime writer, Catherine Aird, as part of the Oxfam BookFest.

Sadly, new agent Kate Nash and I have parted company. Kate has more than enough on her plate this year without having me to worry about, and as I already have a happy relationship with my publisher, Accent Press, there isn't too much she could do for me. When I finally get writing the stand alone, or a new series, that'll be time to try for an agent.

Off I go then - another 2000 words to write today.


liz fenwick said...

Good luck getting the new book done with all that is going on!!

Lesley Cookman said...

Thanks, Liz. Must try and get my blog out there to a few people!