Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone and anyone who reads or happens on my blog.

In December, I received copies of three of my re-jacketed books, which makes me feel like a real writer, with different editions. I am deep into final rehearsals for two weeks of panto coming up, from which I shall post pictures when I get them. Philly has recovered from her operation on December 7th, and will now undergo intensive vocal therapy to get the singing voice (tested to the limit at our Christmas party!) up to scratch.

Half an inch of snow which fell an hour ago is now melting, and lunch is cooking. Son Leo's girlfriend, however, who was meant to be eating it with us in a couple of hours, is unable to get through due to being reliant on buses and living in a village. Unfortunately, Leo doesn't drive, so he's no help! Ah, the problems of young love!

Leo is temporarily living with me again, so burglars take note. I am Not Alone. (Still haven't quite recovered from last Valentine Day's burglary.)

Thank you to all my readers in 2009, and I hope you will continue to buy/borrow in 2010.

Love from Libby and Me.


Jan Jones said...

Happy New Year, Lesley!

Lesley Cookman said...

Thanks, Jan! And you and yours.

liz fenwick said...

Happy New Year - may it be a wonderful one.