Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another rant against everything

Is it something to do with the election? Is the government trying to prove that it knows better than we do, that the rule book grows longer and longer as if it's some hidebound boarding school? Dads must not carry children on their shoulders. OK - in some circumstances that is dangerous, but surely only the thickest (and no, I'm not going to apologise) dads will do that in, say, supermarkets or railway stations.

Over the last weeks there have been more nonsensical "laws" being postulated than in almost any other time in the last ten years. For goodness' sake, why don't they just shut everything down and ask the people? We live in a democracy which is fast becoming an autocracy, in which Big Brother (the original, Wayne) is a mere baby step away.

This blog is supposed to be about me and writing. As an author/writer/novelist (there has been some discussion on the title amongst fellow authors/writers/novelists) I take a mild, if irritated, interest in the doings of the supposedly great and good. But it is becoming increasingly angry, see both of the last two posts. Spleen is being vented and I want someone to take notice. Someone who is in some position to Do Something About It.
All comments addressed to Gordon Brown, please.

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