Monday, July 18, 2011

A Will To Love

The second Rosina Lesley book is out and people I know are downloading it. This is Scary. It was actually quite exciting to attend the Romantic Novelists' Association conference last weekend as a bono fido romance author, and the buzz - and a lot of the sessions - were about epublishing, so I fitted right in. Met a lot of old friends and some new ones and should have come home fired up, but instead had chronic conference lag. However, I'm back to schedule now, and with a bit of luck and the traditional following wind I should get Murder at The Manor in on time.

I was extremely flattered over the weekend to be asked to become a reader for a literary advisory service. Now, there are a proliferating number of these, but this particular one is one of the originals and extremely well respected. I feel as if I've arrived! I've also been asked to write a piece for a magazine and a guest blog on a US Mystery blog. (No, the blog's not a mystery - it's about mysteries. Get a grip.)

In a future blog I will tell you all about another nice thing that happened - not earth shattering, but quite lovely.


Cara Cooper said...

Congratulations on all the various irons in the fire Lesley. It was lovely to meet you properly at the RNA do and I forgot to tell you how nice your hair looked! Just seemed to spend the whole time running hither and thither. I too got conference lag but started writing again this weekend. Take care. x

Lesley Cookman said...

Thanks, Cara - you have various irons yourself! And thanks for the hair comment - it seemed to go down well - someone even said they were going home straight to their hairdressers to have theirs done the same. Cor!