Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lucky 7

OK, Jenny Haddon, you asked for it:

‘Sorry.’ Tim Bolton returned his attention to her.
‘It’s all this research into witches I’ve been doing for the programme.’
‘Oh, you and your witches.’ Lewis appeared beside them waving new champagne glasses.
‘Come on, Lib, we’re nearly ready to eat. You’d better go and find that woman of yours, Tim.’
‘Was he bothering you?’ Lewis asked quietly, as he shepherded Libby towards

That is seven lines from page 77 in the current waiting-to-be-edited book. Loved yours, Jenny. I could have almost told it was you, even if I didn't know it was.

Now, how do I tag 7 other writers?

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Jenny Haddon said...

Oh Lesley, that's fab. I can now see a whole story called Bothered by a Witch . . .

Really look forward to reading it.