Sunday, November 25, 2012

Arte Umbria and other things

Seraphina at Arte Umbria has asked me to help promote my course next year, which I am trying to do by mentioning it everywhere I can, but I can't keep going on about it! So I shall probably not be going after all, as she needs at least four people to sign up to make it viable.

I know this is probably anti-publicity and won't meet with her approval, but I'm sadly not good at self promotion. My fellow tutor is a dab hand at it, and appears all over t'internet, mentioning her course wherever she goes, but I don't. The romance brigade are particularly good at hosting people on their blogs etc, but the criminal fraternity aren't! This means I'm eternally grateful to be published in a traditional manner rather than having to self-publish, as I don't think I have the chutzpah.

Speaking of publishers, I was the guest of Hazel Cushion, my publisher, at the Romantic Novelists' Association Winter Party this week. I wore sequins, as it is quite a glitzy affair, and stood out a bit! I haven't seen any pictures yet, except the traditional ones of The Shoes. We have an obsession with shoes.

Also this week, I went to the theatre to see The Anniversary, directed by one friend and starring another, and on Thursday Jane Wenham-Jones and I did our In Conversation event at Waterstones in Canterbury, which went very well. We both distributed cards/flyers promoting our courses next year, hers at Chez Castillion and mine at Arte Umbria. So I do try!

So if any of you (is anyone there?) feel like doing a spot of promotion for my Italian Adventure, I'd be very grateful


Louise Allen said...

It was a great party, wasn't it! Good luck with the course.

Arte Umbria said...

All publicity is good publicity Lesley! Photo of you in your sequins would be good!

Your course HAS to run, how can afford employing Rosemary and Thyme in the garden if it doesn't! Then students won't have to source a plot, a murder is guaranteed to occur in the garden!

Sorry I'm SO bossy! Keep up the good work!

Liz Harris said...

I do hope that your course goes ahead, Lesley, as I'm sure that you would be a wonderful teacher. Those who signed up would be lucky to have you.

I know, too, what a beautiful part of the world you'll be in as I go regularly to Umbria. To my mind, it's more beautiful than Tuscany.

My fingers are crossed that your promotion ends up with people signing up for what sounds as if it'll be an excellent course.

Liz X

Sheila said...

Hi Lesley, it was lovely to read about your winter party trip - I was also there to meet my agent and editor for the first time, and although it was all very exciting,as I, too don't feel comfortable promoting myself.
Good luck with your future plans.

Kind Regards
Sheila Riley :)

LizB said...

Know what you mean about lack of chutzpah, Lesley. I promote a lot but I find I stop short of saying things about my stuff I feel might verge on boasting or conceit. Which is probably stupid because if I don't say it, who will? Habits of a lifetime and the old-fashioned English way of self-deprecation! Does it do us any favours?

Lesley Cookman said...

Thank you all, and I'm glad I'm not the only one uncomfortable with self promotion. I do it as much as I can, mainly in my dressing gown in the kitchen on the laptop - as right now! Will try harder Sara. And if anyone has taken a pic of me in the sequins I'll send it to you!

Jenny Haddon said...

DO you know when your course is, Lesley?

I was in Umbria a few years ago and just loved it. So beautiful. Even had the idea for a mystery while I was there but it's never got off the launchpad. Well, not yet, anyway.

Lesley Cookman said...

19th to the 26th of June, Jenny. I hope that mystery does get off the launchpad - just my cup of tea. x

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Lesley. Whenever I big myself up, I always hear a little voice in my head saying 'who do you think you are?' I hope your course goes ahead - it sounds like fun!