Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Here is the news

Well, it's out. Murder In The Blood that is, in both e-book and print. It seems to be performing reasonably well and has garnered 5 Star reviews already, which is delightful.

And now, there's something I'd like to ask readers of the blog and the newsletter - both of which I'm very bad at keeping up, sorry. A discussion with other writers somewhere in the ether suggester registering domain names if they were quoted in the book. This set me thinking. Should Libby have her own website? Would I keep that up? Would it be of interest? What would she put on it? My publisher is keen on the idea as it's a marketing tool, but I'm keen on it because Libby is part of me.

Genuine request for thoughts, please.

Thank you in advance.



LizB said...

It's the keeping it up that is the problem, Lesley. I'd avoid extra work, to be honest. What about an FB page instead?

Lesley Cookman said...

Already got one of those, Liz, luckily mainly kept up by Accent. One of the reasons for registering the domain name is to prevent someone else doing it!

Barbara Pullin said...

Register a domain name, it doesn't mean you have to keep it up 24/7 but just for you I have to say I love Libby...she reminds me of me, bloody nosy ��

Ros said...

You can register it and just put a home page up with links to your blog, facebook page etc on it. That should stop other people from using it.

Hope that helps

Lesley Cookman said...

Thank you, Barbara and Ros, shall do that. I knew someone would talk sense to me. x

Jane Jackson said...

What Barbara and Ros said. I think Libby having her own website would be terrific. I'd love to see what she puts on it.