Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Criminal Tendencies and Linda Regan

As previously posted, Criminal Tendencies is out this month, and fellow contributor Linda Regan and I are going to pal up to do some publicity for it. http://www.lindareganonline.co.uk/ There are also plans for us to do a little more than that, too. Watch this space.

I am also having my website professionally redesigned for the first time since my late husband designed the very first one for my pantomimes. I'm very pleased with it so far, and will post a new link as soon as it's finished.

The other thing I've done is joined Twitter. I could procrastinate for England all on my own, I thought, until I discovered all my friends doing the same thing.

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Leigh Russell said...

Wow Lesley - so busy! Have you had any problems with amazon.uk? Although my book's displayed on amazon.com, Waterstones, Borders, Smiths, etc - it doesn't appear on amazon.uk. They've insisted to my publisher that it's there but due to some glitch in their system, it isn't! She won't remember me (who? not even on Amazon.uk) but I met Linda at SoA last year. Delighted to hear she's so busy.