Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Murder in Midwinter

Well, that's the Music Hall over. Sunday was, as suspected, knackering, but a good response from the audience (1000 seater theatre, this) although very scary when you're out there on your own.

Leo has left home, new job a tad repetitive, but as he said, he stuck Tesco and Jessops for long enough, and at least it's in his own field. He loves Didsbury, and I'm sure he'll get into the local music scene eventually. He'll have to, or all that money he spent on his lovely new Ludwig drum kit will be wasted!

Electrics have been done, I've tidied up my bedroom and feel almost back to normal. First panto rehearsal tonight, minus a couple of principals, but at least we'll get started.

Here's the cover of Murder in Midwinter in case anyone's missed Mandy's lovely slide show further down. Really must send out the press releases!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Music Hall, Panto and family

Just finished a week of Old Time Music Hall at The Playhouse - absolutely knackering - now looking forward to starting panto rehearsals next week. We do a one nighter at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury on Sunday, which means being there virtually all day, so will be worn out by Monday, especially as a skip arrives today and Leo, Philly and I are starting to clear the garage. Then, on Saturday morning, our favourite electrician, Spanner, is coming to take up the sitting room floor and repair the electrics. Deep joy. Was supposed to be going to friend Paula's evening wedding reception that day, but have a feeling I'll be knee deep in muck and bullets.

Big family news: Louise and Jarrod are having another baby! Well, Lou might actually do most of the work. It's due next June, when Gus will be two. I think I might be pressed into grandmotherly duties, so I've cancelled the June visit to Cavus. Sigh.

More big family news: Leo is leaving home! Actually for the second time, but he's been back with me for over two years, so I shall miss him like mad, especially as he's going to MANCHESTER!!! He's got a job there, and will stay with a friend until he gets a flat.

That's it, I think. New book comes out in a few weeks, have a signing lined up for November 24th at our local indie bookshop, Pirie and Cavender. Must do a bit more publicity than I did last time!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Murder in Midwinter, pantomime and conference

I know, I know, I'm pretty crap at keeping up with this.

Got back on Tuesday night from Turkey (saw more dolphins) and youngest son Leo arrived back from Oz Wednesday morning. I had a great time in Cavus; while I was there the Hotel On was filmed for Turkish television, and there was a shot with me on my sunbed in the background! Also, my friend's room was filmed, including a good shot of Murder at The Laurels on her bedside table.

Strangely, there was a murder in the village market while we were there, and of course everybody came rushing up with a new title suggestion...

Panicking about proofs for Murder in Midwinter, which is due out in 7 weeks. Not to mention book 4, due out next July, which I really MUST get down to.

But overshadowing all are my panto auditions. No idea what my PA (production assistant) has got organised for them and I can't get him on his phone, so I shall turn up and try to look authorative and as if I know what I'm talking about. Several auditionees have actually put more work into this than I have, so far.

And of course, there is the CWA conference. My second-in-command, the lovely Tim Bates, took all the paperwork from me, so I'm a bit stranded. As he is deep in Frankfurt preparations (you can never get hold of an agent or a publisher at this time of year) I'm at the bottom of the priority list for him, and the CWA are getting twitchy. So am I...