Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the old - in with the new

Well, it's goodbye 2014 (I've only just got used to writing that and now it's going to change again) and hello 2015.

Life chez Cookman goes along much as usual, except that my youngest son is back home again. As he is a writer this is quite nice, and we've actually had some plot busting sessions, though sadly all his, not mine. Murder In The Blood is struggling along, and I have three months in which to complete it. Murder At Mallowan Manor did really well in its pre-order state on Amazon, staying at number one in the Cosy charts and British Detectives for ages.  It's still 3 and 4 in those charts, which is lovely. I did laugh at the review that, while giving it one star, complained that it "really IS a short story"!

After Murder In The Blood I shall start work on Murder En Pointe, which, as you might imagine, has a ballet theme, which I think will be out towards the end of the year. But alongside this fairly heavy work load, I'm also thinking about other projects. I asked my newsletter and blog readers some time ago about what they would like to read in a new series, and the consensus was still an amateur sleuth and possibly 1960s, which my children are convinced I could write about because I was alive then.

However, being a mad fan of the Golden Age detective stories and authors, and having an enviable (possibly) collection of original editions, my thoughts have been turning in that direction. I had also thought of a plot line that would fit, and finally, the new incarnation of Mapp and Lucia on BBC television has made me quite excited. The poor 1960s series, (with plots already worked out by my elder son!) looks as though it will go on the back burner, and I'll see if I can if those plots could fit into the new one.  I'd be very pleased to have your comments.

Meanwhile, I've been attending panto rehearsals in my mentoring role, and it's almost made me feel I'd like to direct again. But the work involved is so tiring, I might think again…

So have a good new year, keep buying books - not just mine! - and stay healthy.

Lesley xxx