Sunday, November 25, 2012

Arte Umbria and other things

Seraphina at Arte Umbria has asked me to help promote my course next year, which I am trying to do by mentioning it everywhere I can, but I can't keep going on about it! So I shall probably not be going after all, as she needs at least four people to sign up to make it viable.

I know this is probably anti-publicity and won't meet with her approval, but I'm sadly not good at self promotion. My fellow tutor is a dab hand at it, and appears all over t'internet, mentioning her course wherever she goes, but I don't. The romance brigade are particularly good at hosting people on their blogs etc, but the criminal fraternity aren't! This means I'm eternally grateful to be published in a traditional manner rather than having to self-publish, as I don't think I have the chutzpah.

Speaking of publishers, I was the guest of Hazel Cushion, my publisher, at the Romantic Novelists' Association Winter Party this week. I wore sequins, as it is quite a glitzy affair, and stood out a bit! I haven't seen any pictures yet, except the traditional ones of The Shoes. We have an obsession with shoes.

Also this week, I went to the theatre to see The Anniversary, directed by one friend and starring another, and on Thursday Jane Wenham-Jones and I did our In Conversation event at Waterstones in Canterbury, which went very well. We both distributed cards/flyers promoting our courses next year, hers at Chez Castillion and mine at Arte Umbria. So I do try!

So if any of you (is anyone there?) feel like doing a spot of promotion for my Italian Adventure, I'd be very grateful

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A brief catch up to keep you all abreast of events. Now that Murder In The Monastery is done and dusted – almost – the one after that is now in the schedule. After a long conversation with my publisher this week, Murder In The Dark has been scheduled for publication on October 10th.

The title is the result of the consultation I instigated in the last newsletter, on Twitter and Facebook, and thank you to all those who contributed. In fact, the rather obvious title, when you think about it, was suggested by my son Miles, who has also given me the idea for the story. Not only that, he’s taken me out on very pretty research trips round Kent and introduced me to one of the people he works for, who allowed me to roam around her beautiful 400 year old house, and inspect the gardens. Miles has been involved in the restoration of both, which is an ongoing project, luckily for me, as it means I can pop over and have a poke about any time I want!

This also a reminder that Jane Wenham-Jones and I will be doing our thing at Canterbury Waterstones on November 22nd at 6 30. Free entry, wine and crisps!