Monday, May 24, 2010

New review

I was delighted this morning to receive a message from Paul Magrs to tell me he'd reviewed my first Libby Sarjeant book, Murder in Steeple Martin. I was even more delighted to find he was a highly respected writer and academic. His website is can't do proper links) and the review is here:;

Having suffered from some kind of viral infection for nearly two weeks, I got even more behind with Murder Imperfect, but I'm on the home straight at last. Perhaps it would be A Good Thing to get on with the next one as soon as this one's gone off!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deadlines, LBF and contracts

Murder In The Green came out early and has received very good feedback. Hazel Cushion, the MD of my publishers, Accent Press, invited me to their party at the London Book Fair, an event sadly depleted by the cloud of volcanic ash preventing overseas editors and agents from galloping in with cheque books in hand. However, the party was good, we went on to dinner and I got drunk. Telling people at home was odd - they were all surprised. I have an unfortunately good tolerance of alcohol...

Good thing was, I have been offered a new three book contract over two years following publication of the next book, Murder Imperfect, due out in October. Bad thing is, deadline for said book has been brought forward, as they want it out at the BEGINNING of October, not the end. So I'm currently buried in the office with a "Go Away" message on the answerphone.

My son, Leo, has gone back to Manchester to work, daughter Phillipa is just embarking on the very last phase of her course at the Royal Academy of Music, where she is playing the lead in the Sondheim show "Assassins" for the end of term production. Son Miles and daughter Louise are still more-or-less where they were, except that Louise is beginning to work again. Last weekend two gigs with her old band the Pasadena Roof Orchestra. So good luck to all, and I'll try and remember to post more regular updates!