Saturday, November 28, 2009

Covers and concert

What a proud Mummy! Last night I went to see Phillipa in the end of term concert at the Royal Academy of Music. A stunning ensemble of thirty young people all selected for their outstanding talent, who are now one third of the way through their course. You wonder how much more they can learn. The orchestra, of course, also Royal Academy students, were fabulous, as you would expect, the MD and chorus master, Stephen Hill, a marvel.

Each member of the course had a solo, Philly's small, as they are saving her voice until after she's had her throat operation a week on Monday. There were many moments through the evening which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and the only thing I could have wished for was that Philly's elder sister Lou (also a singer, in case you don't know) could have been there. Her best friend, best friend's brother, sister-in-law-elect and two sponsors were there with me, and we all agreed it was a fab evening.

Other stunning news - I am being rejacketed. A whole new matching set will be out next year, and apparently one of the wholesalers (Bertrams) is to do a special promotion of them all when book 6 comes out in April. Oh - and book 7 will also be out next year on October 25th, in time for Christmas. Long live Libby Sarjeant.

Last week I attended the RNA winter party, had lunch and shopping before with Bernardine Kennedy and a lightening catch up with other friends when we got there. The result - dreadful feet for two days. One day in London equals ratcheted up arthritis for days afterwards. As I was up there yesterday, guess how I feel today?