Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Style Blog (thanks to Jan Jones)

Sorry about having to wade through the cover pictures before getting to the nitty gritty, but I don't seem to be able to get the book covers small enough to fit neatly along the side like Mandy did before! Digitally challenged, that's me. And I used to write for Which Computer. Makes you weep doesn't it?

CWA conference

Well, it's over. And after all my worries, it went superbly well and I had a fantastic time. I've received so many compliments my head will hardly go through the door, but I have to say most of the compliments belong to the hotel, the Hythe Imperial. The service, rooms, presentation and food were simply amazing. My four speakers were praised fulsomely, and I was told afterwards that rarely had they speakers of such uniform excellence. So thank you, Will Randall, Simon Hall, Sebastian Lucas and Tom Harper.

Will and Simon are both writers, and they, together with Simon's lovely wife Jess, Tim Bates, who is our rights agent and my second-in-command for the weekend and Hazel, MD of Accent Press and my and Simon's publisher, spent the weekend with me. With the addition on Saturday of Simon's agent Darrin Jewell, we formed the Naughty Table and much drink was taken.

So now I can concentrate on The Book, which is coming along nicely at last.

Oh - and the glass still hasn't been replaced in the back door...