Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Season, new book, new panto publishers

It's Autumn. Oh, yes it is. The weather people say it is, and so does the weather itself at the moment. Anyway, it's coming up to panto season, and theatres everywhere are preparing for this year's offering. So it's appropriate to announce that my scripts will soon be available from publishers Stagescripts Ltd, previous publishers having packed their bags and crept away. Posters from the first performances of two of them above, both designed by the talented Adam Turner.  I am sure that Libby Sarjeant uses some of mine, although I know she's written her own, and speaking of Libby, her new book will be out in a couple of weeks.
Murder By the Barrel
We're having a little local launch in a pub - not an industry launch, just an excuse for some local mates to get together. Last time we did it, we all had a great time. We had hoped, the landlord and I, to have some special Steeple Martin Ale, but we couldn't find anyone to print the labels!

Finally, I shall remind people that if they don't want to use one of my panto scripts, way back in 1998, my book Writing A Pantomime, with a foreword by Roy Hudd and cartoons by my late husband, Brian Cookman, was published to help schools, clubs, WIs and anyone else who wanted to put on a panto write their own. It has now been re-published by Accent Press (twice) and is available here: How To Write a Pantomime

I shall now go and have a quiet lie down. I seem to have done nothing but admin for days, and it's about time I got down to Libby19 and The Alexandrians 3. I think I have a headache.