Monday, June 29, 2009

Murder in the Green

Catching up to say that Murder in the Green has to be delivered by mid September when I go to Turkey for the annual jolly. It's going like treacle despite all that research I did previously, but hey-ho. Sure I'll make it.

Since last post I've been to Majorca to my oldest friend's villa. Unfortunately, I can't walk that far these days and there was no shade in her garden, so not unalloyed joy. Very nice, though, although home-in-the-sun owning seems to be a lot of hard work.

Other work related news: fellow crime writer Linda Regan and I are now calling ourselves Bad Babes. Not my idea, obviously! Went to her recent book launch in London and everyone there loved the name, including Simon Brett, whom I thought would have Known Better! Anyway, we have our inaugural outing in August at a branch of Waterstones, hopefully. I also have a signing/event at the Oxfam bookshop in Canterbury on July 19th with another crime writer, Catherine Aird, as part of the Oxfam BookFest.

Sadly, new agent Kate Nash and I have parted company. Kate has more than enough on her plate this year without having me to worry about, and as I already have a happy relationship with my publisher, Accent Press, there isn't too much she could do for me. When I finally get writing the stand alone, or a new series, that'll be time to try for an agent.

Off I go then - another 2000 words to write today.