Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Publishing Really Works

There is a terrific blog of this name, read by many in the publishing business, including authors and aspiring authors. The lovely lady who runs it, Jane, had her arm twisted up her back to persuade her to allow me to contribute, which I have now done. You can read my post here. Any of my nearest and dearest who take issue with anything I've said (Lies! Lies! It's all Lies!) please email me privately!

A bereavement in the extended family caused a couple of weeks of upset, made worse by coming, as it did, on certain anniversaries. I intend to make up for it beginning tomorrow, Mother's Day. Actually, starting tonight, as I'm going to a party. Mother's Day tomorrow, and will see 3 out of 4 children, as dd1 has her own children now. I have, however, sent her a card. Monday, jollies at the theatre with friends while my mate Ali auditions people for her variety show in the summer. Well, we are a seaside theatre company. Just because we haven't got a pier...

Tuesday's a big day. I shall be attending the Romantic Novelists' Association Awards lunch, sitting with my friend Christina Jones and meeting up with many others. There have been pictures on here of previous occasions, where I look somewhat - um - tired and emotional. This year, however, I won't have the chance, as instead of going to the pub afterwards and falling out in time for the last train, I have to hot-foot it back to Whitstable as I'm going to see Barry Cryer in the evening with family and friends. We have now seen Harry Hill (who will be coming back in June), Jo Brand and Paul Merton over the last few months, courtesy of a Whitstable newcomer, Nick Wilty, himself a comedian. We are now comedy capital of Kent. Pleasing alliteration.

Wednesday I shall go back into my shell and get back to work. Murder Imperfect is at last going reasonably well, although still only on Chapter Eight, and I've got ideas rattling round for the next one already.

Once again, could I ask anyone who reads this blog (anyone? At all? No?) to comment below? Otherwise, I have absolutely no idea if it's worth it! And "no comments" makes me feel like Wilhelmina no-mates.

Possible update after Bank Holiday Monday, when Murder in the Green escapes into the wider world. See you then.