Sunday, December 16, 2018

Happy Christmas!

Well, I say Happy Christmas, but it's far too early for me, actually. Every year it is made more apparent to me that I am a Grinch. Except that the Grinch is American, and I therefore don't approve of that. 😏

I used to love Christmas. I eventually gave in on the "Decorations and Tree on Christmas Eve and not before" rule inherited from my parents (and most of their generation), but only by a few days. I feel that too much exposure to Christmas decorations debases the currency, so to speak. My eldest daughter has gone over to the Dark Side and now says it's lovely to enjoy all the sparkly things for a few weeks. Mind you, she also watches Strictly...

Eldest son agrees with me and says he refuses to knuckle under to the pressure of social media and put his decorations up. Younger son, however, is pestering me to put ours up. Don't know what younger daughter thinks, as no doubt the ship on which she is currently entertaining will be festooned in the most garish of decorations whether she likes it or not.

It is quite worrying to come to the conclusion that I have become someone who does not like Popular Culture in its current incarnation. I appreciate modern technology, especially as it makes my job easier in various ways, and I use social media. It helps me keep in touch with family and friends, and is also useful in the job. But popular culture - No. I have never - and will never watch Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother (is that still going?), I'm a Celebrity (etc), The Apprentice, Soaps... The list goes on. I hate forced competition; setting one against another. Although I have a soft spot for Mastermind, which a late friend won several years ago - RIP Annie - and University Challenge The Professionals, in which a team of friends were finalists. But they're different, somehow.

Even social media has fallen under my disapproval now, as it becomes increasingly promotional, both in terms of individual users and the algorithms which send us usually inappropriate advertising. So I am gradually withdrawing from that, although my own reader group, Libby's Loonies, remains a favourite.

However, I have finally been persuaded to allow the Putting Up Of The Tree on Tuesday, and told I must stop being a Grinch. I said I'd always been a Grinch, but the family say I haven't - I've just turned into one. Which is where we came in...