Monday, June 25, 2018

This week's news

Brief post that I shan't broadcast far and wide yet, but a quick update to my post on the Reader Group. The next full length book in the Libby series will be out in August 2019, and will be entitled (we think) Murder Repeated.

But it is now confirmed that, in time for Christmas 2018, Murder And The Pantomime Cat will be released as an ebook. It will be a "short", somewhere in length between Mallowan Manor and Most Fowl. The editor (my Dear Ed) has agreed, so has the publisher and the publishing schedule has been updated.

This is not general knowledge as yet, so keep it under your collective sun hats for the time being. Not that it's exactly world shattering news, but still...

Back to Sleeping Beauty.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

And The Pressure's Off!

A brief catch up here, to let you know that Murder And The Glovemaker's Son is finished, the revisions are in and it is up for pre-order on Amazon and presumably other platforms, too, as well as in  Real Bookshops. I shall be having a little launch at my home bookshop sometime in August, with nice nibbles (cake, I expect) supplied by friends, and probably a few glasses of fizz. Bookshop will be organising it, and I am happy to leave it to them, as are my publishers, who supply them direct with the Real Books.

I am slightly worried about what you're all going to think about this one. I have no doubt that you will let me know in no uncertain terms! And the silly thing is that having been agonising over the damned thing and saying I never wanted to write another word again, there I was last night and this morning working out the plot details of the next one...

Heigh-ho! And on with the panto script rewrites. Oh, yes I am... (Not a picture of mine, although it is of one of my pantos - in fact, the very one I'm updating now. And a lot more than 7 years ago!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My beautiful corner of Turkey

I'm home!

As I posted in the Loonies group, I wasn't able to do the revisions while I was there because, although our wifi was rubbish, I could receive stuff for limited periods each day, but my poor editor Greg, who lves and works abroad, was suffering terrible problems, both technically and in health.  Still I have all his notes now, and  although I was shell shocked yesterday I've caught up on sleep and nearly caught up with the washing, so I can get get on with it now.

Already got almost 600 pre-orders, according to the publishers, and did I tell you about the books I donated while I was on hols? I've been going to the same place for so long now I and my friends are regarded as honorary locals, and thus do local type things, including contributing to local charities. Pretty sure I told you all this, but someone won Murder In The Blood (about the faux village in Turkey) and is going to wait for the Glovemaker's Son. Must not forget.

Anyway, it was wonderful to be back after a gap of a year, so much so that I've already booked a return trip in September, hopefully when I won't forget so many essentials - which I did this time. Well, there aren't many places you can go where the owner of the hotel gives you your first bottle of wine free, can't actually remember how much he should be charging you, and says if you can't afford the full price don't worry about it... And no, I'm not going to tell you where it is. The drawbacks for the mass holiday crowd are the two hour journey through the mountains from the airport, the lack of any nightlife (except alcohol!) and the less than stunning gastronomic experiences. We all have our favourite restaurants, not that there are many, and we are all known by name. In some places it is assumed that we will have the same thing each time, which can be awkward!

So it's full steam ahead with Glovemaker's, then updating my pantomime script, then starting the next one. Think I should send Libby & Co back to Turkey?