Sunday, December 13, 2015

Death Plays a Part - and reminiscences

I've just read a blog about blogging by social media friend, Carol Hedges, here: A Blog About Blogging and it made me wonder how long I'd been doing it. October 3rd 2006! Gosh. I initially wrote far more frequently, but it strikes me that a) there weren't as many blogs then and b) Twitter and Facebook hadn't got going. I keep in touch with readers, family and friends on Facebook, but still occasionally write this blog, which has now taken to being put out as my equally infrequent newsletter. However, those early blogs were fascinating. I was still acting and directing, I was a brand new grandmother, and a fairly new novelist. And I was even contemplating dating, something that very soon bit the dust.

And now, in other news. The new novella I mentioned before is now a reality. It is up for pre-order from Amazon here: Death Plays a Part and will escape in January. Perfect, my publishers say, for the New Year blues!

Happy Christmas, everyone.