Monday, February 25, 2019

Daughters, hedgehogs and deadlines

Brief catch up, as I haven't written a post for a month.

I have been struggling with the third Edwardian book, for which I did a cover reveal last week on our reader group: Lesley Cookman's Libby's Loonies. Here it is again.

To my excitement, a new series began on Channel 5 on Saturday, called Edwardian Life in Colour. I rarely look at Channel 5, and I'd forgotten how brief the shows appear, but it was interesting, especially towards the end when the films showed holiday makers in Blackpool. There was nothing new, though, and I'm still struggling. As I only have three weeks left, I'd better get on with it.

At the beginning of last week (Tuesday) my second daughter came home after four months cruising round Australia and New Zealand entertaining rich people who can afford to go cruising. When she arrived, she'd actually been awake nearly 48 hours, with a horrible journey home. She arrived, and we asked elder brother round for a family takeaway and confab, as younger son and his American fiancee had finalised their international wedding last week, and there's only three and a half months to organise it.

Following day, off she went on a four day tour with her new band, and American fiancee went back to America. It's all go here, you know. Anyway, she arrived back yesterday - for a week.

Also yesterday evening, younger son discovered a hedgehog in the bag of logs. This delighted me, as despite making sure there is ingress and egress for hedgehogs in the garden, and undergrowth for them to hide in, we've never seen one. I was quite prepared to give up my logs for the good of hogkind, but this morning he'd gone. However, it's a Very Good Sign.

So, on with the third Alexandrian. Can't wait to get going on the next Libby, though...