Friday, November 27, 2015

A little bit of news

Despite my best intentions, I never quite manage to post here regularly, but as it's nearly December and there is a tittle of news, I thought I would.

Libby 16, Murder Dancing, is coming up to the finishing line and should be released in the spring of 2016. It has been a terrific struggle this one but then, it gets harder the longer you go on, in my opinion, not easier.

BUT... after a good deal of toing and froing, discussion and debate, I can now announce that a new mini-series is about to appear. I wrote most of the first novella while I was in Turkey in September, having done a good deal of research over the summer at home. It is set in the Edwardian period, 1907 to be precise, and centres around the young proprietress of a seaside concert hall. Regular readers of Libby Sarjeant books might think this has a familiar ring, and they'd be right. I don't know why the story of Dorinda grabbed me so strongly, but so far she's been a  musical play: a Music Hall Musical called Summer Season and the back story in Murder in Midwinter. This time I have my children to thank for the title - son Miles coming out the winner with Death Plays a Part - and my agent Lisa Eveleigh for everything else.

There's no link yet for you to rush out and buy it - and don't forget, print lovers, it will only be in digital format at first. As soon as we have one I will, of course, let everyone know. As a sort of taster, here's a nice picture of a seaside poster of the era. (we're not in Scarborough, though, you understand!)