Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sing Out!

Just finished appearing in Sing Out! at the Whitstable Playhouse. An enjoyable experience with no pressure, except that I got so nervous about my solo, a vaguely comic song called It's Harry I'm Planning to Marry, I actually felt ill on stage on Saturday. Perhaps it's time to hang up my microphone.

I received my copy of the audio version of Murder at The Laurels this morning and I LOVE the cover. They do their own, rather than reproduce the book covers, and it really looks as though they've taken note of the story. So many of my friends, particularly in the category romance field, have covers which bear no relation to the story or characters whatsoever. My friend Elizabeth Chadwick, a highly respected author writing in the medieval period, used to have terrible trouble with covers which looked more like Disney representations of Sleeping Beauty.

Murder in Bloom is struggling on and with any luck I'll deliver it to the publishers by the end of February for publication in May. On Thursday this week (December 4th) I'm on Radio Kent at 3pm talking about pantomime to Pat Marsh, and next week I shall be talking about the same thing to a local WI group. The following week I shall be talking to Radio WFM in Manchester again, as I did last year, also about pantomime! 9.30 am on 15th if anyone in Manchester reads this.

Family all well, Philly home from the Carribean tomorrow and straight up to London to play at an awards evening, so I'm driving up to take evening dresses and music and stuff and bring home her holiday case, as she won't be back in Kent for days.

If I don't post again before Christmas (as if I would) Merry Christmas to all our readers!