Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bad Behaviour

Just a quick post to tell everyone about Bad Behaviour, the small collection of short stories coming out to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Accent Press. They've done well by me, and I'm really glad Hazel and I met at Uni!

Accent is expanding like mad, and have all sorts of new people with dedicated jobs. Lauren does social networking, so I've been surprised a couple of times by posts on my "work" Facebook page to have replies to comments I haven't made. She also sends out a weekly Top Tips newsletter, which I gape at for a bit and wonder how anyone has time to do it all - oh, and write books, too. However, she is going to be the one sending out review copies to all the US and Canada bloggers who are kindly hosting me on my blog tour. No, I didn't organise that, either. A kind Cosy Mystery website has organised it for me. So thank you, Lauren!