Saturday, October 21, 2017

Keeping up to date - new books!

Quite a lot's been happening recently. Murder By The Barrel Murder By The Barrel came out a couple of weeks ago, and after a panic about the print books, we got them in time for Harbour Books to sell them at the book launch, held once again at The Black Dog. And then publisher Hazel announced that the seond of The Alexandrians, Entertaining Death, was out in paperback - which means both of them are. And hard on the heels of all that, we discussed the NEXT Libby, number 19, which will come out next August, and sorted out the cover, which I think is the bext yet.

I expect you can guess what it's about!. And then we even mentioned - in passing - book 20. Son Miles is currently trying to think up ideas for that one.

So I've been doing a lot of blog tour guest posts and interviews, all of which are linked on my author page,

On the other hand, I've been having trouble with the Back and The Diabetes, so I've been feeling somewhat aged and decrepit. although I have finally gone back to the hairdresser and the Manicurist, which definitely makes me feel better.  Over the past few weeks I have given thanks for my publisher, my doctor and the kids (even if they're not exactly kids any more!). I have an excellent support network, which includes both RL and online friends, and my readers are absolutely wonderful. So thank you all.