Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bad Babes, Oxfam and Twitter

I am at home and wishing I was at the RNA conference in Penrith. However, have a christening to go to tomorrow afternoon and my eldest daughter's birthday party tomorrow night, so all is not lost.

Next Sunday, as part of the Oxfam Bookfest, another Kent crime writer, Catherine Aird, and I will be signing our books at the Oxfam bookshop in St Peter's Street, Canterbury, an iniative by CWA member Simon Hall, of whom there is a picture somewhere way back in this blog. To publicise this event I shall be on Red Sands Radio on - well, possibly, Thursday, or Friday - or even Saturday! I shall also be publicising the Music Hall at The Playhouse the following week, Whitstable Oyster Week, in which I am appearing. Not, as in times past, taking a hugely active role, because I'm lazy.

Also, news on the Bad Babes front. Our inaugural event, a quiz, glass of wine and panel is to take place at Waterstones, Bromley, at 6.15 pm on August 12th. We have two other crime writers with us, so cover all shades of crime writing.

I have also linked Twitter feed to this blog in case anyone who reads it(is there anyone?) would like to follow me, or would like me to follow them. I know there are those who don't "get" Twitter, but I've actually made some new friends there, believe it or not. You usually end up with like minded people - in my case, mainly authors!

Hey ho, it's off to work we go. Bye for now.