Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Launch of Murder Out Of Tune and news

Well, Murder Out Of Tune was well and truly launched.

Three of my children attended  - and yes, the middle one was holding a book, and the one on the left did it on purpose.  The presentation is for downloading 200,000 e-books, the group shot is part of the crowd, and finally, that is me before the wine kicked in! The ebook stayed at number one in its categories for nearly three weeks, which is pretty exciting, and is still riding quite high, I'm pleased to say.

In other news, the short story which was going to be in an anthology is now going to be released on its own - ebook only - on December 15th and is called Murder At Mallowan Manor. I shall post a cover picture when I can work out how to get the pictures and text where I want them!