Sunday, March 11, 2007

Marketing Day

Yesterday the Romantic Novelists' Association held a Marketing Day at the New Cavendish Club in London. Marketing guru and lecturer Alison Baverstock,, took us through the basics of marketing and gave us an outline marketing plan for authors, which I intend putting into practice immediately for Murder at The Laurels, which comes out in May. Then, our own Kate Allan,, took us through an efficient powerpoint presentation on modern marketing through the internet. Hence this blog. I've been seduced into using it as a diary when I should be using it as a promotional tool - and not letting out all this information about my family...and my birthday...oh, dear!

Anyway, it was an excellent and worthwhile day, and lovely to see so many friends, including Bernardine Kennedy, who, as usual, was my roomie, the indefatigable Jenny Haddon, current chair of the RNA, Jan Jones, Giselle Green, Roger Sanderson...too many to mention, and sorry to those I left out.

So now, I must start promoting Murder at The Laurels, which is difficult when my head is inside Murder in Midwinter (due out in November). Meanwhile, I shall pop in and see my daughter and grandson later, on this beautiful Sunday morning in Kent. (Whoops - too much information!!!)

Oh, and for the Novel Racers, I'm up to 40,000. Only another 45000 to go before the end of April. Help.


Jan Jones said...

It was a good day, wasn't it?

Even if certain people did duck out at the end...

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

40,000, eh? That's great! Promotional tool. Hmmm. I shall watch and learn ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Lesley. it was a great day and i learned so much to boot. good to see you :-)

juliemt said...

Hi Lesley,

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog!

I love blogs where the writer talks about both her life and her books. Using a blog just for promo makes for boring reading, I think.

P.S. I checked out your books and they look fab! I've made a note of them and will order them off Amazon next time I'm in the mood for a splurge!

granny p said...

Just read your profile: Swish of the Curtain? Little White Horse? I capture the castle? All you'd have tp add would be Oriel Malet's Beginner's Luck, and Hull and Whitlock's 'Crowns' - you'd have the full list of books I adored but noone now has ever heard of. (But them I'm older than you...)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
just found your blog whilst searching for something completely different (can't believe it).
Brought back flood of memories, send my love to family. Books look fantastic!!
Lots of love,
Justin Monehen (magician)