Thursday, October 25, 2007

Music Hall, Panto and family

Just finished a week of Old Time Music Hall at The Playhouse - absolutely knackering - now looking forward to starting panto rehearsals next week. We do a one nighter at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury on Sunday, which means being there virtually all day, so will be worn out by Monday, especially as a skip arrives today and Leo, Philly and I are starting to clear the garage. Then, on Saturday morning, our favourite electrician, Spanner, is coming to take up the sitting room floor and repair the electrics. Deep joy. Was supposed to be going to friend Paula's evening wedding reception that day, but have a feeling I'll be knee deep in muck and bullets.

Big family news: Louise and Jarrod are having another baby! Well, Lou might actually do most of the work. It's due next June, when Gus will be two. I think I might be pressed into grandmotherly duties, so I've cancelled the June visit to Cavus. Sigh.

More big family news: Leo is leaving home! Actually for the second time, but he's been back with me for over two years, so I shall miss him like mad, especially as he's going to MANCHESTER!!! He's got a job there, and will stay with a friend until he gets a flat.

That's it, I think. New book comes out in a few weeks, have a signing lined up for November 24th at our local indie bookshop, Pirie and Cavender. Must do a bit more publicity than I did last time!


Leigh Russell said...

Good luck with the new book - I'll look out for it. Congratulations on the future grandchild too. I'm so jealous. I've told my daughters I'm ready for a grandchild, but they haven't obliged yet. You clearly understand about these things, so I wonder if you'd visit my blog and comment on the cover design for a book posted there? I'd appreciate your views on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley, found you via Leigh above! Best of luck with the book, it sounds incredibly exciting. A new grandchild too, so much to look forward to.

Best wishes, Crystal xx

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Hello Lesley, I too saw your post on Leigh's blog.

I'll look out for your book as well!

I see you're busy with the theatre, I know what that can be like as I help out at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham. We've a show on in three weeks;- Playhouse Creatures you may have heard of it, about the first ever women actresses to go stage in the 1680's. I'm helping with set so I tend to stay behind the scenes.

All the best


Middle Ditch said...

Hi Lesley, I too saw your post on leigh's blog. Well done with your new book and a new grandchild. I too have two wonderful daughters living away from home. This gives me and my husband space to keep on writing.

I will keep an eye on your blog.


Leigh Russell said...

Hi Lesley,

Very impressed that you put your picture on my blog - how do you do that??? Not that I'd want to follow suit. I must be the least photogenic person on the planet.

I really like the covers of your books - how are they designed? Do you decide on the images yourself? They are very stark and atmospheric, and I love the slightly Gothic feel they have.