Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holidays and families

Late as usual. Murder by the Sea has been out for nearly three months and is apparently doing all right. Holiday in Cavus as relaxed as ever, met all the old lags and generally did nothing. Had a book signing as several of them had taken copies with them, and have some great pictures of people (Sue, Marie and Alison) reading by the pool!

Book, however, not doing nearly so well as my friend Julia Williams - whose Strictly Love hit the zeitgeist bang on the button, and is a fantastic read. Comes with a free "How to Dance" book, too!

Also had a lovely weekend with my cousins in Burnham-on-Crouch. Lovely place. Unfortunately my poor cousin Penny is now going to have to put up with me more than she wants as I liked it so much I'm transporting it to Kent to use it in the next novel. Yes, folks, despite public opinion, there will be a new Libby Sarjeant book out next June. Let's hope the credit crunch doesn't affect the book trade.

Eldest daughter is happily half way through her second pregnancy, and I'm still fighting against my "Nanny" title. I shall have to coach my grandson when he's a little older, then he can choose a name for me - which could be dodgy. Eldest son still gigging and he and his partner Clare looked after cats for me while I was away. Needless to say, one of them ran away (just like school guinea pigs dying during the holidays) but came home again with an abscess. All sorted now.

Younger daughter currently on tour with a prog-rock (?) band called Karnataka, playing London Astoria2 tonight and having to dash back to Cambridge to teach. Younger son still living in frequently flooded "garden" flat in Manchester, working hard and not playing as much as he'd like.

That's up to date. I'll try and remember to update a little more frequently, but I'm so lazy!

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Jane Henry said...

Aw Leslie, thanks so much for the heads up. Libby Sergeant is on my tbr pile, but it's rather huge at present! Really glad you liked the bookxxx