Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy New Year

Oh, dear, I've done it again. Only because I've suddenly discovered my friend Christina Jones has a blog have I realised it's almost a month and a half since I updated my own - if, of course, anyone reads it.

Christina's books, if you don't know, are the absolute best sort of romantic comedy, which she calls Bucolic Frolics, which is also the name of her blog. Why she isn't celebrated as much as Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell (my two other favourites and also mates) I shall never know.

I am now over half way through the mss of Murder in Bloom, which means I have to complete the other half in just over five weeks. I make all sorts of calculations, i.e. if I write two thousand words a day, seven days a week, I could do it in three weeks. On the other hand, if I do two thousand words FIVE days a week I could do it in three weeks. Huh? Like a lot of us writers, maths was never my strong point.

There are other things to take into consideration; for instance: yesterday I went to London to have lunch with my new agent. Yes, at last I have an agent, and no, I'm not going to say who it is. It is however, very encouraging that someone other than my publisher thinks I am A Proper Writer, and she is going through my contracts with an eagle eye and showing me just what I've been missing. I'm also trying to get the publishers to change the cover for Murdeer in Bloom, which is about the garden of a semi-stately home being landscaped. Have a look at the current cover on amazon and let me know what sort of book it suggests to you!

Anyway, that was a day away from writing, because, unlike a lot of my workaholic friends I really can't work in the evening. That time is for open fires, cats and other people's books, with a smattering of television. (Rented a Bill Bailey dvd for tonight. Can't wait.) Another day away is on February 10th, when I'm giving an after-lunch speech at The Hythe Imperial hotel. And occasionally, the family require a little attention, although while I'm slaving at my deadline they're being very good and leaving me alone.

And now I'd better got on...after all, I have to finish work at five. (Self imposed office hours.) Do leave a comment if you chance on this blog. It all helps to spread the word. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,
Congratulations on your agent - exciting stuff! Intrigued to know why you don't like your cover? To me it says cosy book with gardening background but the title stands out well and tells you more. All the best, Lyn - also procrastinating!

Lesley Cookman said...

The others have all been a bit darker, Lyn. This looks to me like rom com (I should be so lucky).

Any new serials coming out? I loved the guest house one.

Anonymous said...

Have suggested one set around the buffet car on a steam railway. Am about half way through My Weekly's very lengthy process at the moment, so it should see the light of day one day. Guest House one (White Oaks) coming out in large print in March (very exciting - a real book!) Slow, slow progress! I don't see your cover as rom com, more 'oh, an interesting background', but that may be just me! Good luck with it anyhow

Anonymous said...

And thank you for the kind comment - greatly appreciated!!

Unknown said...

Huge congrats on the agent! Well done.


Martin Edwards said...

Keep on blogging!