Monday, February 16, 2009

Burglars, babies and birthdays

Is this a record? Updating my blog so quickly? Well, yes, probably, but I'm no longer a happy bunny.

On Saturday morning I woke up to find I'd been burgled during the night. Still makes my stomach turn over when I think about it. The b*ggers were creeping around downstairs while I was asleep. They found my car keys and took my car, the TV, my mobile, money and my G4 ibook (laptop).

Son Miles has now nailed up the utility room door where they got in, his partner Clare cleaned and tidied the whole of the downstairs of my house - including, to my shame, the office - and Philly came home to take me shopping and provide in-house support. Lou was on the phone every five minutes, but bless her, her imminent baby has been taking its toll and she has been very poorly. Goodness, I even had to go down by train to put my grandson to bed on Friday! Quelle sacrifice...

Leo (in Manchester) read me the riot act about security, and wished all sorts of blights on the perpetrators.

To happier things, I attended the 60th birthday party yesterday of my friend Judith, held in her friend Sue's spectacular ancient farmhouse in a gorgeous part of Kent. Wonderful food, great frinds and plenty of champagne. I had a great time, but coming back to reality was a bit of bump.

Will now wait for the insurers and try and focus on The Book. Will it get finished, I ask myself? Of course I reply - even if it's a day or so late!

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Unknown said...

Of course you will finish it - just to spite the bl****rs!!!