Saturday, March 07, 2009

News and Blues

After alarums and excursions of February, I am delighted to announce the arrival of Kitty Coombes to Louise and Jarrod, born on March 1st at 7.50 pm (sensible time), a sister for Gus. She weighed in at 7lbs 7oz after her mother arrived at hospital for her water birth half an hour before! And born in the caul, if anyone knows what that means!

My birthday on March 3rd, and Miles and Phillipa took me to dinner at our local Thai restaurant. I have found another car - a Seat Arosa - although I'm having to top up the insurance settlement, naturally. Gone are the days when I could buy a new car.

My poor book has suffered during this period. I haven't reported the subsequent theft of Phillipa's car by the villains who took mine and her spare key. Hers was discovered a few days later in Milton Keynes with £1000 damage, mine has not been recovered and the incident now connected to a much more serious crime, about which we know nothing, but have to be kept in the loop, apparently.

I have new 5 bar mortice locks front and back and a quote for an alarm system which I can't afford. I am very p*ssed off at the cost of this burglary; even with insurance one ends up doling out money every which way. Not to mention the paranoia which means I'm still wary about coming out of my room in the morning and worried about what I will find when I come home if I've been out.

Book will be finished this weekend, then I will have to start on the next one. I'm very grateful that I still have gainful employment...

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