Saturday, October 16, 2010

Murder Imperfect is out!

Early, as usual. I only checked on Amazon because my friend Paul Magrs reported that his latest, The Bride That Time Forgot, due on October 28th, was there.  Never mind, at least that means it'll be available when I do the Crime and Coffee event at the Guildford Book Festival on Tuesday with Simon Brett, Suzette Hill and Linda Regan.

Also, next Saturday I have my very first proper launch/signing at the Cotswold Bookstore in Moreton-in-Marsh. A strange venue for books set in Kent, but they "discovered" me due to my similarity (!) to the Agatha Raisin books and I've sold quite well, apparently. They've done a feature window with a large copy of my lovely Steeple Martin map, specially done for me by the artist, Susan Alison. I'm going to bring it home and hang it on the wall.  I'm hopeful of seeing lots of friends at the signing, as there are many RNA members lurking in the Cotswolds. I've also been fortunate enough to secure a lift from a mad friend who doesn't mind leaving at 7 in the morning. Thank you, Peter.  This is A Good Thing as my lovely publisher, Hazel, is bringing wine and nibbles and I would have been seriously upset if I hadn't been able to partake.

The Thursday after that I am to be a guest speaker at The Write Place writing school in Dartford, on November 1st we are announcing the short list for The Green Carnation Prize and on November 11th I'm on a panel at the Folkestone Literary Festival with Thomas Emson (who happens to be married to an old friend, Marnie Summerfield Smith) and Danuta Kean, industry commentator and all round good person.  Finally, on December 1st we announce the winner of the Green Carnation, hopefully at the Cadogan Hotel. OK, who gets the connection?

So, busy, busy, busy and still trying to work on the second version of Murder to Music, which has to be with the publishers by the end of December (manic laughter) for publication on April 11th 2011. It is the first of the three book deal announced at the London Book Fair earlier this year and the cover is here:

Also, back at the London Book Fair, Hazel negotiated a deal with an Australian distributor, who reports that I'm selling quite well down under. That's nice. Also a new deal with a US distributor who is pushing me at the Americans.  All good. Why aren't I a millionaire?

Oh, and the other thing, my nice webmistress, Aimee Fry, has revamped my website for me, so if anyone reads this, could they let me know what they think? And of everything else, of course!


Jan Jones said...

Crikey, you're going to be busy! And somehow finding time to write as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the connection for the Green Carnation Prize to the Cadogan Hotel is Oscar Wilde... And, yes Lesley, I do pop in to read your blog whenever I have a moment (which is not as often as I would like!). Was planning to see you on Tuesday at the Guildford Lit Fest, but a friend has had an emergency op and I feel I must go and see her - and I can get a lift there on Tuesday only. So, sorry, I will be with you in spirit only.

Caroline Praed

Jenny Haddon said...

Gosh, Lesley, I'm in awe of your industry.

Love your covers anyway but oast houses under snow are v. special.

Have a great book launch. Sorry I can't get there.

Love the restyled website.

Katie Ffordetryopa said...

really hope to be at your launch but OH now (only now!) tells me he was work that morning. But he's not my only route to happiness!

Love, Katie

Lesley Cookman said...

Thank you, Jan, Caroline and Jenny. Wish you could all be there next week, but there's the Winter Party to come.

And I don't really feel very industrious. F'rinstance, haven't written a word today. Except the blog. Oh - is that work?

montyandrosie said...

Crikey, Lesley - busy, busy! It all sounds really interesting busy, though, so will be fab. Love your covers!

And thank you so much for mentioning me - I did enjoy creating your map - and hope your launch is wildly successful.

Jane Henry said...

Looks great, Lesley! So sorry I can't come and see you at Guildford, but time is against me at the moment!

Sarah Callejo said...

I was exhausted by the time I got to the end of your post. Where do you get the energy from? Will you share some with me? Congratulations on all the good news Lesley and enjoy all your events.

Glynis Peters said...

Have fun. It sounds all good news. How wonderful to find out you are doing so well around the world. You must be very proud and so you should be!