Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Manor, Hello Magic

I've finally sent off Murder at The Manor to my patient editor, and now await revisions. Now I have to start Murder By Magic which is due to be delivered in January, so not long. I've decided I really must plan this one, instead of flying into the mist.

Added to this, I also accepted an assignment to do a report on a new reader's ts (for money, not for free!), which I found extremely difficult, and a contracted novella. After completing the report and trying for ten days accompanied by two boomerang migraines, I gave in and asked to be excused from the contract for the novella, which was not in a genre I have ever considered before. I shouldn't have accepted in the first place, knowing I wasn't comfortable with the content, but there were royalties for print, ebook and audio dangled in front of my eyes.

Meanwhile, third child Phillipa is temporarily home, flitting in and out like an elongated butterfly before returning to the Caribbean to entertain the troops - sorry, the Americans. And on Saturday and Sunday, I will once more don the Pearlies and be off to the Faversham Hop Festival.

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