Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Alan Titchmarsh Show and New Covers

Yes, to complete the national coverage begun by the Daily Express and continued by The One Show, I have now been recorded for Mr Titchmarsh's daily show. It will go out on March 13th, an easy date to remember, as it was my mum's birthday and the anniversary of Phillipa's christening.

Not, of course, about the books, but once again about flying. I was with two extremely glamorous ex Pan-Am hostesses, who were both ten years older than I was and terribly well dressed. I was, as usual, in my Primarni. Mr T was charming and pretended he remembered me from The Savoy years ago, we met Jenny Agutter, who was a delight, and gawped at Russell Grant, David Haig and various other celebs that Louise (she came to hold my hand) recognised and I didn't. I nearly didn't do it, but was persuaded by others, including my friend Judy Astley, who tells me it will all Come In. And, of course, it will.

And now: Ta Da! New covers. (Hope this works.)

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Liz Harris said...

It sounds great fun. I shall certainly watch on March 13th.

I'm very pro Alan Titchmarsh at the moment - last week he interviewed the people who run the Thame pub where I go weekly for their brilliant quiz. AT was doing a feature on pubs that buck the trend, which is that 18 pubs close a week. The Thame pub is always full.

Liz X