Sunday, October 18, 2015

Is this a record?

I haven't written a new blog post since July 27th, and it is now October 18th. This is very remiss of me, even if not many people read it! I think I might have to do a bit better because I may be about to start a marketing campaign. I can't say anything about it just now, but very soon I shall start shouting, so be warned.

In other news, I spent a happy two and a half weeks in my favourite place, Adrasan in Turkey, with some of my favourite people. Photographs can be found in blog posts from previous years, and nothing much changes. If I have enough money, I shall be back there next year.

I received texts while I was away asking me to audition for a play, and one asking if I would take part in someone else's  ten minute showcase play. So next year I will be playing the part of the Judge in Whose Life Is It Anyway, a nice little cameo part, which is what I prefer these days. Gone are the days of Shirley Valentine and Woman In Mind. And in November I shall be in the showcase play, hiding in the background.

This last week I have had the youngest son Leo staying with me. He goes back to Brighton today and Phillipa, second daughter, arrives from Bristol for a few days on Tuesday. It's all go. Meanwhile, I carry on writing. Murder En Pointe, which was to be the next Libby Sarjeant book has now been renamed Murder Dancing as the team at Accent Press decided En Pointe was a little too esoteric.

More news very soon, so until then, keep safe.

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Jane Risdon said...

Glad you had a lovely time away Lesley and welcome back to blogging. Yes, marketing your book soon, so do come back again and let us know what is happening. Fab seeing you. :)