Saturday, April 14, 2018

The new newsletter - again

Well, hello, everyone!

After a couple of disastrous newsletters, I'm trying again.  Last weekend I went away on a "retreat" with some writer friends. We are all of a certain age (within certain parameters) and have known one another for some years, and share a certain nervousness of the newer, thrusting authors. We all started well before social media and networked blogs, or even self (or indie) publishing, and all the new guys, both young and older, are so well versed in the technology.  So a couple of the girls have made it their business to learn all about it, and I follow their blogs, which pop into my inbox every week like a newsletter. Oh! I thought. I could do that!

So here we are. All you have to do is fill in that little box which says "Follow by email" and click the little box saying "submit". And with a little bit of luck and a following wind, we'll have a newsletter again. This one can be a sort of test one, to get people to sign up, and see how we go. This arrow points in the general direction of the sign up box.

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