Saturday, September 22, 2018

September - home again, home again, jiggety-jog

I have returned from my second holiday of the year in Adrasan, Turkey, where I have been going for fifteen years. Most of the usual suspects were there, and most of them were staying longer than I was, but we had a terrific time while I was there. There were two significant jewellery moments this year, one of which was The Pendant. This was a shell collected on the beach in the village by an old friend of mine, who died last year aged 95, taken home and converted into a pendant by a jeweller friend of hers. Her daughter came out on holiday in June and presented it to me on the wishes of her mother. We both cried. I put it on the black ribbon and wore it almost every day while I was out there this time.
This is Helenore and I about four or five years ago, and below is a photo of me last Tuesday, wearing the pendant.
The other jewellery moment, is thanks to my lovely friend Michael, who, incidentally, took the picture of me with the pendant. Knowing how I love the colour, and that I have necklaces and earings with turquoises, he bought me this:
Taken just now on the landing by Leo! So two memories supplied by lovely friends in my favourite place.

Horrible journey home and discovered car battery flat the next morning. Son Leo and I both in the dumps about our careers - both of us wondering why everyone else is doing better than we are - but once I get going on the the Pantomime Cat again - which has to be finished in 8 days - and get to grips with the panto, I'm sure I'll cheer up. Although on the 27th I have an event with ten other Kent authors which might depress me again...

Very grateful for my Reader Group, who cheer me up no end and make me feel I'm not wasting my time after all. So thank you, Libby's Loonies - you're great.


Unknown said...

Thank you for putting the link up as i think i must have forgotten to subscribe to the newsletter, i would say age related but i don't like to admit to age!!. I have ordered the pantomime cat and can't wait for it to come out, i am currently reading other books but there is no-one quite like Libby.

Gilli Allan said...

Oh Lesley! I know how frustrating it is, not helped by the post-holiday blues. But you'll have some wonderful memories. gx