Saturday, January 09, 2021

New Year post news

 Well, here's the second blog.

Family and I managed to do Christmas - Lou, the grandchildren and her partner stayed in their house with her partner's father, I stayed in my house with the other three, Miles, Phillips and Leo. We had all the traditional food, and did New Year's Eve, too, with Haggis and bashed Neeps.

Now, the decorations are down, and I am endeavouring to write Libby 22. Our friend Lee has re-done my website - which my publisher says is elegant - and I have received the Dreaded Email telling me I am Extremely Clinically Vulnerable. Doesn't make a lot of difference, as I've been staying indoors since last March. I have alo bought rather a lot of joggers, and Lou bought me the lovliest warm jacket for Christmas. Phillipa bought me a DustBuster, and Leo bought me the Rupert Annual. Miles bought me the Victoria Wood biography. A mixed bag.

That's it, then. Happy days - and I hope everyone has the best New Year they can possibly have.


Ladybirder said...

I got my Rupert Annual too! My partner gets me one every year! All the best to you and your family, happy writing xx

Donald said...

My name is Donald Macdonald . My wife was a student at Clapham County Grammar School for girls during the same years as you. Her name is Irene Boyd. I know this because she told me about Head Mistress Miss Willey and teacher Miss Thwaits. Irene was voted May Queen, I do not know the year.
Did you know Irene?
Thank you

Lesley Cookman said...

I'm afraid I didn't know Irene, Donald. Miss Willey was only headmistress for my first couple of terms, it was Miss Viner who was head for most. of it