Monday, June 16, 2014

Adrasan again, a writing retreat, and other stuff

Well, I'm back. Flew out to Turkey on May 29th and arrived back home late last night.

Last year, I blogged about Adrasan here: so I shan't bother to describe it again. It's still beautiful, but there are dark rumours about the Village Plan. This could ruin the charm the bay has for those of us who go there for the peace and quiet, and attract major investment which could well drive the locals out of business. I personally think the two hour journey through the mountains from Antalya airport will put people off - you REALLY have to want to go there!

However, this holiday was lovely, and I've booked again for September, despite the government raising the duty on alcohol by 12.5%. A major point for me, as I support the hotel's finances with my consumption of wine at the bar. Over the 18 days, we went on five boat trips, one of which was to Phaselis,
very well preserved Roman Ruins with a natural harbour. This trip was a birthday trip for a friend, and hugely enjoyable. Another one was also a birthday trip for a restaurant owning friend, who had to provide his own cake.

But most of the time, it's time spent by the pool, (although we could do with more shade..)
on the beach, eating, or drinking at the bar.
These pictures are from last year, but it's the same people, the same places and even the same clothes. We're terribly predictable. (Oh, and I might look it, but I actually WASN'T pregnant...)

The On Hotel is a lovely place, as is Adrasan, as you can see from both the posts. But don't try and book in early June or September. It will be FULL. Of us. But it has been suggested we pay a visit over winter or spring, and I write very well, there. So, writing retreat, anyone? I hear it's lovely in March...

In other news, I am in the process of signing contracts for three more Libby Sarjeant books after the publication of Murder Out Of Tune next October, the book I've been writing while I was away. I have also contributed a short story to an Accent Press summer anthology, about which I'll tell you when I have more details. Meanwhile, it's back to the book, the washing and the rather jungly garden

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