Thursday, October 02, 2014

Murder Out Of Tune and other stuff

 Hello all!
At last, after many vicissitudes like the resignation of my editor in the middle of the final edits, Murder Out Of Tune has emerged as an ebook today. The Kindle link is here Murder Out of Tune - A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery eBook: Lesley Cookman: Kindle Store 

It went straight to number 5 in the Amazon Cosy Crime chart and 29 in the British Detectives, which was pleasing to wake up to. It will be out as a print edition at the end of the month, and I'm having a little launch party here in my home town in a tiny micro pub, where my local bookshop will be selling books. (Yes, we still have a bookshop!) The MD of Accent Press is coming all the way from Wales, most of the children will be there, maybe a couple of fellow writers and an industry professional or two, but mainly friends and family to have a knees up. It's on a school night, so an early one, but I have no doubt that wine will be taken long into the evening by the boss and me!
I have just got back from Adrasan in Turkey once again, but as the person I travel with fell on the first morning and, it turns out, cracked her ankle, I spent most of the time around the hotel, except when my other friends kidnapped me to go on boat trips. This is me on one of them.

I also wrote the first brief chapter of Murder In The Blood, which is set in a fictional village in Turkey and will be out next May. This appears at the end of Murder Out of Tune, but before that, there will be a Christmas Short Story in a Christmas anthology from Accent Press, which may well come out on its own, too. I'll keep you posted.
Meanwhile, life goes on. Both the younger children have been on holiday in the States - not together! - and the eldest daughter is soon to move back here, which may mean I get called upon to do more babysitting. I am not a natural grandmother, so I'm viewing this with mixed feelings. This same eldest daughter has been recording an album over the past few months with fellow musicians, so I shall be boasting about that in a future newsletter. And no - it isn't pop! So far, her career has been big band and swing, spanning the thirties, forties and early fifties. She leaves the modern stuff to her three siblings, although there are some modern-ish tracks on this new album.
I am due to start my "mentoring" of a brand new panto director at our local theatre in the next couple of weeks, although I don't think he'll need it. I might need to curb his enthusiasm a bit and remind him it isn't the London Palladium.
Have a good month.
Lesley x

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