Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Novel Points of View

Recently I was delighted to be asked to join a joint blog, Novel Points of View, with six other writers, some of whom I've known for several years.

Oddly, the way these things sometimes happen, at the same time I received a request to join a group of US writers of "cosy" mysteries all named Leslie. There are two of us using the correct (!) UK spelling for the female version, and I'm still a little ambivalent about it. Their approach is so different from ours, and I fear I will soon come to blows over correct (English) spellings and terminology. Because of course, even though I hate the term, I recognise that I write "cosy" mysteries, but I will NEVER spell them "Cozy." Oh, whoops, I just did.  Anyway, we shall see. I'll let you know what happens. Meanwhile, do have a look at Novel Points of View and all the other writers.

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Jane Risdon Author said...

Best wishes for the Novel Points of View ladies.