Sunday, April 03, 2016

Getting to grips...

Gosh, this is all so time consuming! I finally managed to get a new newsletter out, but now find I am contravening some kind of regulation. I do apologise, everyone. So let's have some opinions. Is it worth continuing with the newsletter? Is it worth continuing with the blog?

The newsletter was started before social media took us all over. So was the blog. The newsletter, which I havered about for a long time, was in response to requests from readers who didn't use computers much, except for email, and certainly didn't read e-books. Some of them have eventually graduated to social media, but it was interesting to receive replies to the newsletter that indicated that they didn't use it much, because there was information in there that they'd missed. So I feel it's worth keeping it up, if only occasionally. The blog I'm not so sure about. If there was a particular subject in which I was an acknowledged expert, I could rant on about aspects of that, but really - how many blog posts on pantomime could you bear to read?

To get this particular post up to date: on March 24th Murder Dancing came out, the sixteenth in the series. It also came out in the US where the books are now published by Start Publishing in association with Accent Press. The next Libby, Murder on the Run, will be out later in the year, probably early September, and the second in The Alexandrians just before Christmas, as far as I know. If I get them written, of course!

I have been doing all sorts of guest posts on other people's blogs, and next week sees the start of a US/Canada blog "tour". I've done them before, although I don't know whether they do any good, but we are supposed to do all we can to publicise our books and increase our "discoverability". (Buzz word in publishing.)

It's all a far cry from writers just writing books. I'm not sure I would have embarked on my later life career as a novelist if I'd known how hard I'd have to work! Retirement? What's that?

In other news, I recently appeared on stage again, in the cameo part of the Judge in Whose Life Is It Anyway. I was absolutely terrified, mainly, I think, because I've got out of the habit of it. However, once we were running I enjoyed it, so - anyone got any small parts they need doing? I've also been taken on by a Murder Mystery events company, and have been, so far, a widowed pub owner and a widowed "best friend of victim". It's great fun, and best of all there are no lines to learn!

Until next time - à bientôt.


Gilli Allan said...

Oh, Lesley! Tell me about it. Some people take to social media like ducks to water. Others struggle. I am in your camp - finding it all too time consuming without any, noticeable, effect. It may be an age thing, it may just be the way my mind is wired. Part of my problem is that it takes me a long time to think about and then write ANYTHING, even emails. And in the latter case, I will change my mind so frequently, that the so-called finished missive will still go out with typos and odd peculiarities where I've edited and cut and pasted. Several days can be consumed writing an 800 word blog post. A newsletter is a step too far! What news?
I can't advise you. I can only commiserate. My husband often asks, why do you do it if it doesn't make you happy? My answer - I wouldn't be happy NOT doing it.
So pleased to hear you are finding an outlet in your acting, even if it's only in a small way. I probably need a few more illustration commissions. gx

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Definitely keep the newsletter, Lesley. As for the blog, why not just do a blog when you feel like it, without feeling you have to do it all the time?

It is extremely hard work keeping up the promo, but it's the only way these days to make sure sales keep on coming... Good luck whatever you decide!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I gather newsletters are a good way to build up your readership, or so I gleaned from a talk I attended given by Rachel Abbott. I've only managed to get one newsletter out and really need to give it another go.

Lesley Cookman said...

There are many and varied views on newsletters, Debs. Mine was started before FB and Twitter, and was in response to a yahoo group I belonged to - a theatrical one, nothing to do with writing, but the members of the group started buying the books and asking for information, so the newsletter was started. I'm not at all sure it increases readership, as only people interested in you in the first place ask to join, but it maybe keeps them in place. Especially those, as I've said, who don't use social media.