Saturday, June 11, 2016

Apologies, alarums and excursions

In the last post I was talking about whether or not to carry on with the blog/newsletter and hoping for some feedback. Well, I got it. Except - I didn't see it!

This morning, I posted to the joint blog of which I'm a member, Novel Points Of View, and ticked the "notify me" box, so that I could answer any responses. "Notifications will go to..." it said, and they would go to an address I NEVER use. I unclicked, blinked and decided I'd better see if I could get into this mailbox. Who knew? There might be all sorts of stuff in there.

There was. Horrified, I set to the task of going through them and, ignoring the offers to get me millions of Facebook fans for a small consideration, replying where appropriate. A more humiliating exercise there never was. Practically every one was "You wrote to me three years ago and I'm sorry." Three hours later, I think I've captured them all, and I even managed to change the email address that it all goes to, so rest assured, if you use the "Contact" button on here to comment, I will now get it!

The upside to all this was that I received some of the nicest letters of appreciation I've ever read. I have replied to them all, (hoping they aren't dead!) and I hope they all forgive me for appearing so rude. I have already received one reply, an appreciative one, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Apart from that, Murder On The Run is on the home straight, I have the idea for the second instalment of The Alexandrians and my lost cat came back. Oh - and the play I was in has been nominated for seven - that's 7 - awards in the Kent Drama Festival. Very proud of us, I am.

Keep in touch - hopefully!

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