Sunday, July 24, 2016

The 20th Book!

Yes - Murder on the Run will be my 20th title published with Accent Press. That's 17 Libby Sarjeants, 2 romances and the Pantomime Book. Not counting the novellas...  So, Hazel Cushion, indefatigable publisher, is throwing me a party: here!

In other news, I'm pleased to tell you that Accent have contracted a further 2 Libby titles. I am currently writing (and researching) the second in the Edwardian series, which is to be called Entertaining Death and will be out just after Christmas.

After saying I could not possibly afford to go to Adrasan this year, I finally succumbed to pressure from friends, who bombarded me with lovely pictures, links to cheap flights, offers of lifts and convinced me I could afford it. Cats and house once more will be serviced by my friend Alison, who will repel boarders and burglars.

Have a good summer.

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