Sunday, April 15, 2018

The First Newsletter

I''m hoping that this will arrive in some people's inboxes, and if it does, will they please leave a comment at the bottom. Yesterday's blog was obviously open to misinterpretation, as some people were clicking on my big arrow and wondering why nothing happened, and others were simply telling me that all the addresses were on show. Yes, I know - that's why I'm doing this! If I could use MailChimp properly I'd do that, but this seems a lot simpler.

Since January not an awful lot has happened in my professional life. I've been dreadfully stuck over the current epic, and very behind on the upcoming deadline. But last weekend I went away with a group of writer friends and beat it into submission. I still haven't quite caught up, but it's progressing quite nicely, now.

Apart from my "retreat", another thing that's helped me is the suggestion by another writer friend, Victoria Connelly, to set up a Reader Group on Facebook. I have a personal Facebook page and an official Author Page, but I had never thought of a straightforward group. It's worked like a dream. The readers are happy to talk about the characters, give me ideas and in general be supportive. It is their suggestion that I revive the newsletter, and after a few false starts, this is the latest scheme. If anyone reading this would like to join the Reader Group, called, by popular request, Lesley Cookman's Libby's Loonies, and you are on Facebook, we'll be happy to see you. I know there's quite a bit of resistance to FB at the moment, which is one of the reasons that a newsletter of some kind seemed like a good idea. I still get requests via the website, and there are people who aren't on social media, although that's increasingly fewer and fewer.

So, for everyone who isn't on social media, and those who haven't seen the blog over the last 6 months or so, the 19th Libby Sarjeant book, Murder And The Glovemaker's Son is due out this August. The 18.5th was Murder Most Fowl, which came out for Christmas last year.
If anyone is reading this who has landed here by accident and you would like to carry on reading, please add your email address in the little "Follow by email" box and click submit. And with a bit of luck, new posts will pop into your inbox at fairly regular intervals.

Happy Reading!


The Lavender Attic said...

Hi Lesley, NOthing in my email inbox, this came through on facebook.

Linda Sharp said...

Glad you got the Newsletter sorted and pleased you are back on track with the latest Libby Adventure Can’t wait To Read it Really Glad Libby’s Loonies have contributed to your inspiration

Liz Fielding said...

I received this loud and clear in my email, Lesley. Can't wait for the next instalment of Libby's adventures.

Jan Jones said...

Yes, popped cleverly into my inbox via the 'Follw Me' button

Lesley Cookman said...

Thanks everyone, for leaving comments. I'll leave it alone, now!

elizamatt said...

I got your newsletter, hope all goes well this time.
Have a great day.

Clare Chase said...

Got mine via email too - thanks, Lesley!

Anonymous said...

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