Friday, October 06, 2006

Hurrah! and links

Two posts in one day!!! Have just got the excellent news that I am STILL in The Bookseller's Small Publishers' Top Ten - holding at number 7. That's four weeks running. Isn't that fabulous? OK, it's not The Times, or even mass market fiction Top Tens, but I'm in there with The Life of Pi and We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Until I get slightly more proficient and add the links to my side bar, some of the blogs and/or websites I would like to be associated with are as follows: Bernardine Kennedy, Jenny Haddon, The Romantic Novelists Association,, Accent Press, of course (see previous post) and the Maniacmum blog.

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Bernardine Kennedy said...

Getting round to posting at last.
well done on the blog.. love the dress, very Titanic! I can hear the music playing and the dolphins singing.
Also congrats on still charting.