Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Welcome to my blog

Well, this is it. Thanks to Mandy, blogger-guru extraordinaire, I now have a blog. I have a sneaking feeling it will be just another excuse to procrastinate and not get on with work, which is Not A Good Thing. Having just returned from a fortnight in my favourite place in Turkey, Cavus, I now have four weeks (give or take a month!) to hand in my second novel to my publisher and learn the words for the play I'm in next month. This evening I'm going to Lyminge Library to give a talk to their reading group, the rest of the week I'm rehearsing and going to see my youngest son Leo as Kevin in Sue Townsend's 'Groping for Words'.

When I'm a bit more confident, I'll put up pictures of dolphins, kids and other distractions. Meanwhile, although I'm not the most natural grandparent, here's picture of my grandson, Gus.

Once again, thanks, Mandy. I'll do the links asap!


Jane Henry said...

Hi Lesley,

Welcome to blogland. It's good fun here, but you're right, horribly distracting....
memo to self stop writing blog and write wip...

love julesxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley

I swore I wouldn't get sucked into reading blogs. I waste enough time e-mailing - as you know.

Enjoyed yours, especially the dolphins - and Gus is gorgeous too, of course.

All love


woodlouse said...

How about Monica Edwards, Violet Needham and Cynthia Harnett as well as Pamela Brown?